Can I stream Spotify, Pandora, etc. from my Android phone via Bluetooth to this HIFi WALKER HX to enjoy the sound quality?

Ÿ   Yes, the H2 supports high quality Bluetooth streaming via Spotify, Pandora, etc.

When would you adjust the gain setting rather than volume? Thanks!

Ÿ   I have my Gain set on High and use the volume to control the audio output from zero to max. High setting gives you a higher out-put should you need it. I think the Gain setting is to adjust for different headphones used with this player. Headphone impedance can range from 8 ohms to 64 ohms. The 8 ohms would be louder at the same gain setting as 64 ohms. I like the flexibility of the controls and input/output the HiFi Walker has.

Is it possible to create a playlist on the go w/o a computer?

Ÿ   Yes, but you can only add songs to [My favorites]. You cannot customize the playlist name without a computer.

Can I just drag my music folder over on the SD card 1600 songs in 1 folder?

Ÿ   You can just drag your music into HX's folder. And yes, the player recognizes single folders with up to 1600 music files.

Does the player have a bookmark?

Ÿ   Yes! The player does have a bookmark. Navigate the menu to [Music Setting] – [Memory Play] – [Point] to activate bookmark. Sorry for the previous info.

How can the battery be replaced?

Ÿ   The unit is sealed making battery replacement not possible.

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