Does the Hifi Walker support WPL or other playlist files? Can you create playlists on a PC and load them into the SD card?

Ÿ   Our HIFI WALKER H2 does support *.m3u and *.m3u8 playlist files. A player software foobar(http://www.foobar2000.org/) will help you to make those playlist files.

Ÿ   Only *.m3u/*.m3u8 file needs to be at the root folder of the SD card. The folder contains your target music doesn't have to be at the root folder.

What do I need to download my CDs in wav on to this player?

Ÿ   http://www.wikihow.com/Copy-CD-to-MP3

Ÿ   Make sure to choose WAV (lossless format) instead of MP3 format.

When upgrading the SD card, do you have to do anything extra? Can you simply just add a new card and go?

Ÿ   I would plug the new card into a computer to make sure it was formatted, if not, format the new SD card. Then plug it into the HIFI Walker, and down load your music. You could also plug the SD card into your computer, load the music onto the SD card, then put the card into the HIFI Walker.

Ÿ   I upgraded to a 256 gb card and just dragged my music onto it and it kept all the same folder structures and worked after popping it in.

Has anyone been able to find out if this player will play an entire SD cards worth of music in the random setting other than just in track or album?

Ÿ   Yes, it will play the entire collection of songs in random. Set the player in random mode then select "songs" rather than albums or artists or genres, etc.

Does this player have noise cancelling and does it show album art easily? Thanks.

Ÿ   The player itself doesn't have noise cancelling feature but the earphone included supports passive noise cancelling. The player does not support any album art.

Can you adjust the volume on the device when using Bluetooth?

Ÿ   If your headphones are Bluetooth and have volume, then yes.

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