Is there a song limit?

Ÿ   Yes. the limit is 15000 songs

Should the music files be loaded using a folder structure e.g. Artist or put all the files flat at the root folder?

Ÿ   Either way works. We just suggest folders as it's easier to navigate.

Do you get a forced gap between tracks on playback? e.g. if you are playing a live album do you get interruptive gaps?

Ÿ   There is a gapless option in the [Music Settings] menu.

Can I load and play audible books?

 If the books are on your pc / laptop in a compatible file format, then yes

Can’t load music to H2

Ÿ   Check if H2 is correctly connected to your computer

Ÿ   Check if HX is in [USB Mode] – [USB]

Ÿ   Check if the MicroSD card is correctly inserted and not damaged

Ÿ   Check if you have music file in the MicroSD card

Can’t hear music when playing

Ÿ   Check if the volume is too low

Ÿ   Check if your earphone is will plugged and not damaged

Ÿ   Check if your music file is well supported and not damaged

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